GO GOtha or GO HOME…

January 28th, 2007

New vintage GOTHA speed equipment shirts designed and in the works… check it out. Just like the sixties bro’ [tm]… I was talking to my buddy Bob Bleed about shirts, he said you should do a Gotha shirt. I agreed… the only drawback is that gotha is cool because its rare. SO… I’m going to do a limited run of these shirts and thats it. That way they’ll stay special.

GO GOtha!

Stovebolt Posters and a slight hickup…

January 24th, 2007


Some News from the propaganda homefront… I stayed up all night last night printing posters… It was something I started… and was determined to finish. First off I want to express MAD RESPECT for anyone who hand pulls posters in this method. It’s a lot of work. We learned volumes of info during this test run. I could sell these posters but they’re just not what I want to sell… I think I can make them my level best the next run. Heres a pic of our first pile of work… and let me tell you, without an automated machine… this is work!

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Don’t HATE…

January 24th, 2007


Jordan Miche’, a Kanadian rapper, came in with a scribble on a reciept and a request for shirts…  I took the scribble and reproduced something closer to what he intended with the wacom and we set up the job.  Jordan’s meaning behind the art?  Simple…  He’s Mad.  Not mad as in ‘mentally disturbed’ but as in ‘mad at the world’…  I think…

So Don’t hate… participate and buy a CD from Jordan.

Support Your Local Kanadian Rappers

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