Hot Rod Revolution

September 9th, 2007


Rex Rod & Chassis teamed up with The Jalopy Journal to put on the Hot Rod Revolution… Working with Marcie Cochran we decided to go with a loose industrial revolution ‘theme’…  aside from smoke stacks and basic industry imagery I took two Icons of power and illustrated them as a mechanical drawing might appear in the Industrial age- 

Its all about taking back what belongs to the blue collar guy… and thats what this show is all about.  Its not about big business… new products or commercialization…  Even the name of the show and the sponsers take a back seat to the image itself.  The lighting bolt represents the power of the internet that’s helped empower the people with knowlege.  The revolutionary clenched fist represents the working man rising up united… the hemi is our symbol of power- together- to rise up from the inside and grasp whats ours..  Every revolution starts from within a broken system.  This is the T-Shirt Art…  Ya Dig? 

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