Recycled Americana…

October 24th, 2007

I have some projects I’m slipping though the booth.  All of these items I got for free- or next to it… 

The light table is a vintage nuArc- I have a bigger one I found on craigslist that I use in the studio- this one I ended up getting on ebay for 1 cent.  The Fridge is a GM FridgidAire- that I bodyworked and metal-flaked… now to ad the kandy paint. 

The Drawing table is by far my favorite… its a vintage May-o-matic… and has a desk with a pull out table top and a fully adjustible drawing table.  I sanded and sprayed the wood in Kandy Gold and Rootbeer… it’ll take a few more coats of clear to level the surface… it was really cut up.  I wonder how much of this stuff just gets tossed into a landfill…

The light table and drawing table I’m going to metal flake and kandy panel and put in the house-  the fridge will stay in the shop!

kodakpictures-1058.jpg     kodakpictures-1059.jpg     kodakpictures-1061.jpg     kodakpictures-1064.jpg   


Vending at the Hunnert Car Pile-up…

October 16th, 2007


So I packed up the Ranchero with T-shirts and drove to Morris Ill to vend at the Hunnert Car Pile-up.  The show was fantastic!  I met up with a lot of friends, met a ton of talented artists and builders and spent some quality time behind the wheel. 


I passed everything but the gas station… the gears in the back of the ranch are 4:11’s… and top speed was about 60 to 65… but I still managed to get about 13mpg.  Not too bad.


It was great hanging out with friends for a full weekend.  Thanks to everyone who stopped by the booth and said HI- and to those that bought a shirt- Thanks for the support.

I’m sure they’ll get pics of the show uploaded on there sight soon… heres the link:

Get Tuck Equipped--->HERE