Crime Scene Choppers, Santa Cruz Ca.

January 10th, 2008


Remember Meat Loaf and that “Bat out of Hell” album art?  I dont know why but this reminds me of it a little bit…  I always wondered how such a cool album cover could hold such awful music??? haha…

I guess it all comes down to taste.

Crime Scene Choppers out of Santa Cruz seems to have good cover art and good taste in bikes…. they commissioned me to do a new t-shirt design for the shop…  I was handed the CSC logo and some 3D digital renderings of a bike [pictured below]…  Its subject is based on a wicked beach cruiser style chopper that Joe is building.  They’re getting geared up with a new catalog, complete with new chopper accessories and parts… 


Check em’ out:


Hot Rods Inc., Alberta, Canada

January 10th, 2008


Hot Rods Inc. In Canada wanted a simple “fish eye lens” look…  using the front of a 32 roadster.  Buick drums, drilled axle, suicide spring with a sectioned down grill and mean stance.  Black and white along with a Color copy.  They have a pretty nice shop up there in Alberta, Canada Eh! 


Check out their site:


Chicago Brushmasters

January 1st, 2008


Chicago Brushmasters, Automotive Artists for Charity…

A bunch of talented pinstripers and sign painters…  some of the most accomplished artists ever assembled in one place, raise money to help support the Ronald McDonald House.  I offered up a quick piece of art for the shirts based on real stock cars that were lettered by some of these guys back in the day…  Number 99 and 4U are based on real stock cars-

Heres a look at the shirt design-


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