All business, business coupe…

January 20th, 2009


Based on a business coupe I’ve had forever…  a 1950 ford.  No hood, tri-carbs in the air and plenty of metal-flake! 


Small Block Chevy…

January 17th, 2009


Circa 1964…  Picture the front engine dragster at Freemont…  smell the nitro… burning rubber…  thats it!  2 port Hilborn Injection and scoop, 471 Blower, Chevy Small block… complete with SP breathers, cal custom rocker covers and full race zoomies and a full chrome woven belt guard… Simple, sanitary, antique white on black….  available in our store now!  Buy one!



January 12th, 2009



Rip it up like the band Pushrod from Texas… lay into the gears till you blow them out the side…  that pretty much sums up the band!  Catch them this weekend at Starbirds… or look them up on myspace, preview some of there music… Book these guys for your next show…  Seriously… they’re rad and so is the T-shirt we wipped up for em…


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