Viva Las Vegas and the Shifters Car Club….

March 27th, 2009


Discharge Printing=High Quality

March 19th, 2009

I happy to now offer all of my shirts in a DISCHARGE print… 

The printing uses a chemical process that changes the dyestuffs in the cotton… its not a traditional “ink” that lays on top of the cotton.  You can’t feel the print on the shirt… its smooth… or has a soft hand in textile lingo-  I also increased the size of the print on the shirts by two inches too and the detail is amazing!  Once your shirt goes though the wash one time it comes out feeling even better.  It wont crack… wash out… and it stays breathable. 


The technology has been around for years but they’ve been making the products better and better…  these inks are water based and “steam” out in the dryer.  It reminds me of invisible ink and being a kid….  you print the shirt and see nothing… put it on the conveyor and presto it appears on the other side…  Its RAD. 


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