Outlaw Garage on Discovery—->

May 2nd, 2012

Danielle and I spent the better portion of a month in Texas helping out our friends at Austin Speed Shop…  They were filming the pilot episode for a new series called Outlaw Garage.  Below are a couple out-takes from the pilot…  I had a blast during the filming and love working at the shop.  The crew they have at the shop RULES.  I heard they ordered 4 more episodes!  I’m pretty stoked for the guys down there- hope it turns out awesome.  The pilot turned out pretty damn good… but its crazy knowing how much good footage was left out… they couldve turned that footage into multiple shows.  From a builders perspective I wish they wouldve shown more of the actual fabrication and work behind it all.


I went in early and worked with Luke so we could beat the camera crew that came in 9am.  Its hard to work with the camera guys telling you to stop grinding… haha.  I got these doors to shut with my finger when I was done with them… all I kept thinking about is how much work the painters were in for… from experience… it was a lot.

Bob rules… I can’t imagine a better place to hang out with friends than in the garage.

Jesse is actually pretty rad.  We got to see him forge the headlight mounts in his shop at home- bottom line is hes pretty damn talented.  Period.  Love him or hate him.

The finished car turned out awesome…  I have my name stamped on one of the pieces I made below the deck lid… 😉




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