The Lonestar Round Up…

March 21st, 2012

I was honored to be able to help the Kontinentals with the Lone Star Round Up this year.  I just went to their site today and the previous artists I’m proud to say are all people I would consider to be friends of mine.  Its cool to see how different everyone’s take on the LSRU art is…  Some beautiful art has graced posters and shirts for that show.  I’m glad I didn’t go look at everyone’s previous works before starting my own… it probably would have thrown me off!


I’ll never forget the first trip I took to the roundup.  I remember seeing Billy Gibbons Cadzilla up close for the first time.  I had always seen it in magazines…  and that car always looked so “perfect”.  Well it wasn’t perfect- it had some wear and tear and looked to me like a legit old custom that might have been built by one of the Barris brothers… which was interesting because I remembered it as looking so modern in the mags as a kid.  But here I was… standing there in front of it in real life and it didn’t look modern at all… it just looked beautiful…  I remember thinking how bad ass that was… that it wasnt “perfect”.

Jaker brought his T roadster that year with a really tight Y-block.  I got to drive it on the strip and I’m telling you… this little roadster was COOL.  James Hetfield walked up and was admiring it… and I was thinking back to high school when I was rocking Metallica and just verbalized it…  “Yeah… Metallica,  Riding to high school in the front of my buddy J’s calf shit yellow 73 chevy pickup…  cranking Metallica the whole way…”   All the sudden James turned and said “Hey!  WE STILL PLAY YOU KNOW”  mumbled some other stuff and kinda stomped off…  We all just stood there dumbfounded looking at eachother (I meant that as a compliment) ………… Bleed said calmly… yeah… the one thing you never want to do is remind a rocker how old they really are…  and we all laughed and smiled it off…  Thinking back to that still make me smile.  Its what I love about shows like this- all the memories you make with your friends.

Bobs one of my best friends…   With this years poster I was asked to use Bobs roadster.  This car has always been on of my favorite hot rods- not because of how crazy it looks or sounds- its just an extension of my buddy Bob.  Cars get to be part of your soul…  one of the hardest things I’ve dealt with in losing the shop was losing the cars that seem to play a supporting role in what makes of the fabric of what we are… and who we are…  Which is hard to put a label on…  You could call us “car guys” or “hot rodders”… whatever…  I don’t know what to make of it but I know it pretty much consumes us.  I know this because we fret all the details, dream up phenomenal builds, and long of being free to build and create whatever we want without life holding us down…  So…  with this Art- I represented Bob on his roadster as a bucking horse, microphone shifter in his hand reigning in and holding on…  because that’s what bobs on the top of… a wild ride… with the shadow of the past larger than life over his shoulder-  I think when you’re in a situation like his its hard to pay attention to anything other than what you were put in the ring to do…  and that’s to ride like hell.


To me… Hemi’s are kind of at the top of the list when you talk real 60’s drag strip horsepower.  Guys pushed these engines to the limit…  May I remind you this is TEXAS…  if you were to pick an engine that represented that state I’m pretty sure this is it.  They don’t call it an elephant because its small.


I was also asked to draw the Exotica- a car built by Gary Howard.  I’ve never met Gary but he experienced the same thing I did – he lost his shop to a fire.  I’ve seen this car in person and can say its absolutly stunning… along with all of the other customs built by Gary.  Hopefully this year I’ll get to meet him.  I illustrated the Exotica with a Horseshoe…  Because its TEXAS… and  horse shoes are LUCKY…  were all lucky to be alive 😉 and lucky to have what we have.  Lucky to have a show as cool as the LSRU to attend!

I can’t wait for the show!  :-)

Be there.




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