A long overdue update… #1

August 9th, 2012

I’m not really sure where to start…

I’m still working at Perrys in the morning and at home at night-  At Perrys I’ve been working on the 32 Vicky…  we had a few set backs and its finally nearing the end of this whole painting process.  Fiberglass cars are tricky… everything is backwards from a steel car…  you build up to the high spot instead of kocking the high spots down.  Then… there are pocks and pin holes… shrinkage… general lumps and bumps.  I would relate it to straightening a sack of potatoes…

The fenders are done—–>  I shot them with my new Iwata gun and finally got to dial it in.  There is a tiny coat of dust on them in this pic but you get the idea…

Well… now the body is done too…  check out the Video ——>


If anyone reading this is interested in getting work done here call us or email me- tuck@jalopyjournal.com





Reclaiming tools from the fire…

May 20th, 2012

I’ve been cleaning up tools that were in the fire.  I found all the old body hammers and dollys that I had except for my palm dolly…  These were the tools I  bought in tech school.  All of these were bought from Martian Body Hammers.  The vice was a gift from Curt and Steven Wagner… something they saved from the scrap yard and fixed… now I saved it again and blasted/primed/greased and painted!  Self etch primer and Black Lacquer…  I’m really looking forward to getting new handles and to get the vice back online!  Pictures will tell the rest of the story…



Roadster/Shop update #2

May 20th, 2012

So I found some more tools!  I bought a stomp shear this weekend and I found a Drill Press the week before.  The stomp shear is a 52″ wide shear- big enough to cut a 4×8 sheet of steel.  The blade is new and has been sharpened… once I get it situated where its going to stay I’ll shim the blade so it cuts even better… but so far it works awesome.  The drill press is a Rockwell floor model.  Standard 110v and works great.

The press gets me pretty excited… looking forward to drilling my axle and whatever else I need to drill.  Right now the only problem is that all of this stuff is stuffed in my garage and I need to get things wired and setup so I can actually use them.

The roadster is pretty much a huge pile of parts right now.  I’m only missing a few parts… a 35 up ford front spring,.. gauges, a 59 Chev gauge cluster and some other minor things.  I finally found a model A frame as well.  I scored some new parts… two pairs of wishbones…  32 wishbones for the front and 36 wishbones for the rear- thanks to Johnny Koller.  He also found me another Hurst Shifter…  which is crazy…   HOTRODJEEP on the hamb sent me a F-1 steering column from Iowa, along with shock mounts and the arm/ball/drag link!  I dunno what I would do without friends.  I realized today that I put the majority of the parts for this roadster back together in less than 6 months…  its kind of amazing…  thanks to you guys!!!!!  :-)



N.O.S. in the box.  You have to wonder how rare this is… how many of these 1960 shifters are left untouched new in the box?  Complete with conversion kit!  Its kind of crazy when you think about it.  I love these shifters… from the box art to the packaging inside… its like stepping back in time.  You have to wonder what the story is on this shifter… was it in a speed shop that closed its doors??? or what?

This… is a really rare intake.  Its a HORNE 4×2 for an early hemi.  I do have part of its story… the kid that used to own it died at 22, he drowned in lake Erie.  He was a machine gunner in a Huey and survived his tours in Nam…  His dad had kept all of his hemi stuff until he himself passed away…  then it resurfaced for sale not long after Jot Horne the original manufacture of this intake passed away.  There is history in all of this old stuff we touch…  there is only so much of this original stuff left.  I hope I can find a good place for this- if I don’t I’m not going to horde it… I’ll pass it on to someone who can use it.  You could build an entire car around an intake like this.  I may run this on the roadster- may not.

I can’t wait to get this thing a roller!

I decided to make some peg board walls for hanging tools.  I made two 4×4 sheets to bring up to Perrys and one 4×8 to hang up at home.  They work pretty good-  The idea is to get everything where I want it and then have a red board with white outlines or shapes where all the tools belong on the board.  I painted the two for perrys and ran out of red…  I got them both done and decided to leave the one in white primer for now…  I plan on skirting the garage in recycled coragated tin.  Should look pretty cool.

We have a flea market on Wed.  I ended up getting a porting/polishing dremel tool for ten bucks.  It works awesome.

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