Reclaiming tools from the fire…

May 20th, 2012

I’ve been cleaning up tools that were in the fire.  I found all the old body hammers and dollys that I had except for my palm dolly…  These were the tools I  bought in tech school.  All of these were bought from Martian Body Hammers.  The vice was a gift from Curt and Steven Wagner… something they saved from the scrap yard and fixed… now I saved it again and blasted/primed/greased and painted!  Self etch primer and Black Lacquer…  I’m really looking forward to getting new handles and to get the vice back online!  Pictures will tell the rest of the story…



A whole lot of nothin…

August 6th, 2008


-nothin hot rod related…  Yearly maintenance on the Prius… 

I had a headlight burn out- which turned into a tune up and detail. 

I changed the oil/filter, new headlights and changed the plugs.  I pulled the plugs out and they said iridium NGK.  I put some funny looking Bosch plugs with the ends having two grounds… gapless plugs?.. weird looking to say the least.  I guess I need to do some research and find out what the best plug is for this car-  It needed a good buffing- and I brushed in all the paint chips- looks like brand new to me. 

The only thing that bugged me about this car were the stains on the seat that were there when I purchased it.  I bought seat upholstry out of a brand new 08 Prius.  They came from a Toyota dealer that switched someones seats to Leather.  $40 bucks for fresh upholstry…  I broke out the hog ring pliers and went to work.


I’m extremely happy with this car…  I pulled 59 miles to the gallon the last time I went to Milwaukee driving around 63 mph…  On the way back I think I got 48mpg driving 85.  It all helps especially with gas prices so HIGH.  I sold my 34 last year and paid off some equipment I bought and bought this car…  I really didn’t want a car payment either. 

So many people gave me a hard time for doing this…  but I seem to be getting the opposite response this year.  Right now I could sell this for 8 grand over what I paid for it.  I recall a few people telling me it was a dumb idea because the 34 wouldnt depreciate.  It was true… but the market changed and its cool that the value of this car went up SO much.  Try and buy a prius now for less than 20 grand??? haha…  I don’t know how so many people can be ignorant regarding hybrid technology.  Electric is our future… 

 Huh…  Its true, Prius’s RULE. 

 picture-1060.jpg picture-1058.jpg

——————————————————————————-  forthood.jpg

My PINK Cadillac…

I’ve had this car since I was 16. 

It started out white from the factory, when I bought it the car had been painted maroon… and I decided from the time I bought it I was going to paint it PINK.  Its kinda funny… but you have to put yourself in my place… It was 1989 or so and the eighties were all about being loud with color.  Looking back at it I think its cool I went though with it.  This was my first paint job…  Its just funny…  I was a punk and it makes me smile.

I’m either going to paint this car black… or paint it white its original color.  It has a white leather interior… so that’ll go with pretty much anything.  But I’m not sure I can handle the pink much longer.  I put a new engine in it last year… the first one I blew up in 1995 or so…  I didnt really plan on taking the car out of storage but I had to move some stuff around and this ended up coming out. 

All I really want to do is get it turn key again.  It needs new brakes and fuel line run-  I also got a parts car for it.  I think over the next couple months I’m going to put this on a slow scheduled tune up and get it ready to go…

Here are some pics of it, pink, black, and white—  I’m really diggin on the black version.  Can you imagine using the convert to flat tow the roadster to a show?  that would RULE.  Even hauling a small enclosed trailer to haul my t-shirts to VEND.

 caddy1.jpg caddy2.jpg caddy3.jpg         

Fifty Seven Chevy-

August 5th, 2008


I added new cab corners/ inner and outer, and rebuilt the hinge pockets in the front.  I also pulled/fixed the roof which was caved in…  Its a pretty clean truck originally from Arizona.

Here are some pics of the repair-


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