Daves Shoebox…

August 7th, 2008


A quick update on daves shoe…

This car is kind of a clone of my shoebox…  they’re going to be a lot alike..

here is a pic of mine-



The Merc flatty is painted gloss black along with his new overdrive transmission.  I picked up a chrome acorn kit and was thinking about running this Edmunds but I changed my mind…  I think I’m going to find a newer style intake, this one is too early for this car.  I really want to run 3 deuces with a offset generator. 

I started to hang the rear passenger side quarter.  This side was hammered up pretty bad and had a lot of brazeing and bondo.  Started adding the round corners to the chop.  This will make the car… that and trimming down the stainless for the window openings. 

On the drivers side I started working on the gaps and rounded the corner of the top of the door.  I’ll do this on the passenger side as well.  I split the quarter and made sure I had a nice 1/8 + gap all along the edge of the door.  The rear quarter turned out mint on this side…

Once I’m done welding up the quarter its headed out for some sand blasting… 

picture-700.jpg picture-860.jpg picture-1070.jpg


Daves 49… like Willie Dixon, walking the blues…

February 10th, 2007


Another day of work has passed.  One foot in front of the other…

I only get about one day a week to work on this car while I trash on our own product line for Detroit.  So…  I keep checking stuff off the list.

I finished forming the C pillar on the passenger side and filled that last piece between the deck and window.  I also trimmed down the Package tray as I had sunk that and cut it in half and shortened it up.  The package tray is looking pretty good- and so is the roof…

kodakpictures-126.jpg kodakpictures-128.jpg kodakpictures-133.jpg

Dave’s 49 Hammered and nailed…

January 26th, 2007


I made some major progress on the back C pillar and rear deck… Just quick… this one pic, it’ll say more than I can right now… I don’t know exactly how much I chopped this car… I just mirrored the chop on my 49.  Canted B pillars, 7″ plus cut at the A pillar. 

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