From a Galaxie… Far Far away…

April 10th, 2007


So sooner or later I’ll ad the story of the Galaxie…  I named Darling Nikki.  This car has been a total LOVE/HATE story from the start.

I just wanted to post on some wheels…  The wheels I have on the car are NOS chrome reverse from the sixties with wide whites…   The only thing that bugs me is that the wide whites are’nt so traditional…  It needs a nice pair of skinny white wall bias-  But I really dig the chrome wheels on a black car.

What I came across is a full set of 1965 FENTON’s.


Fenton made some cool looking wheels, aluminum centers and chrome outers, a lot like Rader’s that were sold at the same time.  These are 15×5.5 which is a pretty hard size to find in nice shape in any sixties wheel.  14’s were really popular during this era-

SO…  I need to get these Fenton’s cleaned up, buffed out, centers repainted and mounted up with some nice skinny white wall bias- and we’ll see how they look on the galaxie.

Here they are:


-a little before’n after…


SPEED PRODUCTS tops for the Strombergs!!!

April 10th, 2007


In my opinion, nothing looks more sixties than SP tops…

-nothing looks cooler than six of them on a HEMI…


Obviously others share that opinion.  SP tops are around… but kinda rare, especially since people started snapping up the sixties parts like crazy.  One SP top came up for sale on ebay recently and look what it went for??? IS THIS CRAZY??


I think the price of cool sixties parts is getting way out of hand. 

Thanks to Mark Moriarity for hooking me up with this set of SIX…   They were really the last hard-to-find parts I needed.

Amun Ra Update: Olds rear continued, Impala Wheel…

April 7th, 2007


First off I located a pretty rough impala wheel… but its the right wheel- and It’s something I can restore.  Prices for these have always been High but damn it I got one. 




 I blasted one of the drums, they were really crusty… initally I bent one of the faces of the drums when removing the hub in the press.  So I found a new one to replace the other side.  These are going to be a lot of work to sand and polish.

When you bolt the axle assembly up tight against the housing the drum will lightly rub the backing plate.  I first solved the problems by putting washers between the drum and axle.  So I’m going to need to make or machine a spacer to keep the drum out- or relieve the drum on a rotary table and bridgeport to clear…

Otherwise it looks great with finned drums does’nt it?

 kodakpictures-348.jpg kodakpictures-347.jpg

The backing plates had a spring that wrapped around it I believe-  I’m not sure how the original drums fit these backing plates because I never seen them- 


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