Small step-

September 26th, 2007


Not much… but I blasted and painted the pullys, also repainted the intake and cleaned the carb and some of the fittings.  Friday will probably be the next big trash…  nothing like last minute.

Ranchero Progress… The new engine is in…

September 25th, 2007


Thanks to Joel and Titus we ended up trashing Tuesday night after work… The transmission that came with this 302 wasnt a C-4, it ended up being a C-5… so I did some last minute running around and found a C-4 at a local yard that is supposed to ‘work’ …  Hopefully I’ll be ok. 

The old distributer is getting tossed for a remanufactured points dizzy and we swaped out the water pump and fuel pump for brand new units.  I kinda wish I had some time to spend on detailing the engine bay but this is going to be a driver and its not a restoration, we just need to get it back on the road.

I’m shooting to take it to the party Titus is throwing this weekend- its the rough deadline…. hopefully we’ll make it.

Titus suggested we put new bushings in the front end when we cut the springs-  I kinda resisted as I just want it DONE… but it need them BAD and I’m thankfull Titus talked me into it…  we need to do some welding on one of the A-arms to fix the retainer that holds the bushing it was so bad.


Right now its sitting on the rubber snubs… maybe its too low but I dont think there is such a thing.  I’m going to trim the snubbers- but so far I really really like the new stance… and Spider caps RULE this Ranchero…  Heres some more pics-

kodakpictures-812.jpg kodakpictures-825.jpg kodakpictures-828.jpg kodakpictures-818.jpg

Big Mess Big Success…

September 22nd, 2007


The motto to live by- if you squint you could swear it was 1960 something…  the front tire is just leaning up against the suspension-   I made lowering blocks out of 2×4 steel stock- had the U-bolts bent up at the local spring shop.  I’m going to cut two coils out of the front and let it buck.  mvc-006s.jpg

 Titus came up from Stillwater and Joel is hosting part of his shop as mine is FULL.  I was really looking forward to some shop time with friends…  there is nothing cooler… White Stripes and Joels theme song track 11 from icky thump. haha.


Pictured below, the blown motor that dropped a valve…  titus pullin the heads off- joel aka Mr. GassKET…  the blocks and some other shots-

mvc-009s.JPG mvc-003s.JPG mvc-002s.JPG mvc-005s.JPG mvc-001s.JPG

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