Speed Equipment…

October 22nd, 2007


I dont think there is anything cooler…  The End. 

The new 34 Chassis comes home-

October 18th, 2007


And it fit in the back of the Ranch… 

I got the frame from Bleed.  Its pretty straight-  This is the begining of my new 34- I had my car trailer stolen a couple weeks ago so I had no choice but to pick it up in the ranch…. its kinda fun to actually USE it as a pickup- I dropped off some parts for Joels 34 Coupe as well along with his 57 9″…

 kodakpictures-1038x.jpg kodakpictures-1033x.jpg

This is the hemi thats going into it… its a old dirt track motor that I bought from BobK, It has an early Edmunds intake with two ’57 carters…  a cragar adapter with a 39 ford toploader.  I plan to run wide fives all the way around.  The 331 was rebuilt and parked under a bench sometime in the mid sixties-  Its held up well, I’m going to take it apart and pre-lube and inspect everything before I fire it but it should be ready to run.


Gave it a good HARD SHINE…

October 9th, 2007





I worked on it for a day and gave it a good Tri-stage buff, burned a gloss on the old finish with a wool pad.  It was enough to take the semi-shine paint and make it look wet.  Its cleaned and waxed and ready for the trip to Chicago.  Its a good ten-footer…  the paint cleaned up nice but its far from being perfect.  I ordered some paint for it.

kodakpictures-971.jpg     kodakpictures-966.jpg     kodakpictures-959.jpg    

kodakpictures-958.jpg      kodakpictures-956.jpg     kodakpictures-955.jpg



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