Materials and the ‘comfort zone’ [tm]

November 15th, 2007


I admit that I love using the best of the best when it comes to laying down paint.  House of color, PPG… whatever premium bases and clears they offer… I tend to stick with them.

However… I had a customer bring in a hood and fender to shoot black.  He brought in all the materials.  Nason.  I think its an offshoot of Dupont.  I didnt know how much the clear cost…  but I was curious how it sprayed.  It was a 3:1:1 mix- and the clear was off tack FAST which is good…  the faster it locks up the less dust will fall in it.

The second thing I liked about the clear is that it had a long window to sand and buff.  I tend to lean twards speed clear but it locks up so fast if you dont sand it the following day its too late.

As you can see in the reflection…  the clear layed out like glass… now to see how it holds up. 

Cost?  $19 a quart. 

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