Photography and catching the moment…

December 2nd, 2007



Its all about perspective…  at least getting the right one.  I had the chance to meet a talented photographer named Josh Kurpius…  He snapped this shot at Titus’s place…  I’ve seen a lot of Josh’s work and I don’t think there is any of it that I don’t like.  He has a knack for catching the coolest candid shots and in turn capturing history-   Josh road with Bobby and KC from Chicago to hang out in Kanada for a weekend.  I’m glad he came with- and that we all got to know him-  Josh is pretty RAD—->  Check out his website

The future is bright white…

December 1st, 2007


As some of you know I bought a new Prius.  Not brand new…  but new enough I let someone else take the hit on depreciation… although if you look for one you’ll notice they don’t depreciate that much.  I bought this one in Atlanta.  I flew out on a one way and drove it home-(FYI these cars are more abundant in big cities) I think  I used a tank and a half of gas to get back to Minnesota.  I didn’t buy this car because I’m a tree hugger…  I bought it to conserve the dollar.  I live far enough north of the twin cities that it costs a substantial amount of money to go visit friends… run for art supplies or just go somewhere in general.

I helped my Mom find one… did the research and fell in love with the practicality of these cars.  Room for 5, I average 48-50mpg…  and did I mention room for five?  At one point I had two transmissions, a 57 old rear end and some other stuff piled in the back of this thing…  I got some funny looks at the gas station when people peered into the back – the seats lay down and its a virtual pickup.  

The batteries DON’T cost ten grand to replace… more like a thousand… and they will last 150k miles with no noticeable degradation.  There are taxi cabs in NY with almost 300k on them and still running strong.  One high point is that they have an accumulator that will brings the engine up to oil pressure BEFORE it starts which is the main reason motors wear out in the first place.  No starter… no alternator… its not a ‘traditional’ car by any means.  When you foot the brake it actually regenerates the batteries.

Yesterday we were hit by a good FOOT of snow.  This is the first car I’ve drivin with stability and traction control.  CrAzY.  It wont let you spin the wheels or spin out…  I’m not sure if I love it… or hate it…  but I know for a fact that this thing will plow though a foot of snow without getting stuck… so I’m pretty sure I love it…  I guess I’ll miss all those reverse cookies in the parking lots…  I might still get it in a E-brake slide if I try hard enough.  I wish they had a switch that would let me turn it off.  Sometimes a good ol fashioned burn out is good for the soul.


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