July 31st, 2008


I started to polish up the Stromberg’s. 

I plan on chroming them… and have to send them out to get copper coated first. 

The carb base is another thing….  I can chrome them or paint them.  I don’t think I’m a big fan of painted bases on chrome carbs…  they seem to take away or draw attention because they contrast so much.  If I had to pass on chrome I would paint them cast gray- so they look like natural cast iron… and I’m not opposed to that.

I pulled the bases off and started to break down the carbs.

These are gonna look pretty rad chrome.



July 24th, 2008


I finished sanding the other log- and polished it.  No signs of Drag Star left…  getting the letters out of the corners was the hardest part… and it sucks because these are the areas that face out so they have to look good.

Lets talk instruments…

I’m using a Olds starfire tach and vac guage in the car- I think Stewart Warner green line guages are going to be the ticket…  they started to remake them EXACTLY like they did in the sixties… heres a pic-



– heres a pic of the olds pods-




July 23rd, 2008


Just a preview of my X-member… taken from a 37 ford chassis.  I’m going to have to trim it down and pie cut the x’s to fit the A frame… but its gonna look bitchen!  The pedals are 39 ford… and I noticed that ford made the X-members in 39 facing out… interesting.  I’m going to trim that plate down and adapt it to the X member once I get the cowl and hemi mocked up in place…  I can’t wait.



More… Sanding and polishing…

I’m not complaining… its like a right of passage building a show rod…

I was thinking that in todays world… a lot of guys can just buy what they need already polished…  

This intake had been tossed around after it was taken off… plenty of dings and scraches… deep ones…  So I used the same method… paint stick, fingers, sand paper and lots of patience… my fingers are soar…

So far,  half of my Weiand Drag Star and the Remote thermostat housing are done…    looks close enough to chrome for me.  I will probably run these though the buffer one more time before I start bolting it all together.

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