August 8th, 2008

Completely Obsessed with slicks, mags… and the right look…


After seeing some tires hurst made for a friend Todd who lives in Milwaukee… (his 60’s modela coupe pictured above)  we were talking about how cool it would be if they made rear slicks with double whites too, even the white red white stripes that you see on some vintage slicks.  It puts it in the right show car era…  1962 on…  -my roadster is aiming for the the 63 show circut. 

I took a pic of his front tire last time I was in Milwaukee-



I was just forwarded pics via cell phone of his coupe with mags on the front- heres a couple updated pics of the car and the tires mounted on a mag…

3.jpg 2.jpg

Well someone beat us to the idea… but I’m glad they did… because I’m dead set on getting a set for my roadster.  I think I might have him grind in 3 rings on the rear slick and run 2 on the front-  3’s and 5’s are always better groupings.  That and a single groove in the tire tread right down the middle of the slick… 

I think ideal would be a white strip/red stripe/white stripe…  but I have no idea how they would run the red-

Here is the pic of the front and rear tires.  They have the look for sure-


These slicks RULE…  and so does HURST for making them. 

Daves Shoebox…

August 7th, 2008


A quick update on daves shoe…

This car is kind of a clone of my shoebox…  they’re going to be a lot alike..

here is a pic of mine-



The Merc flatty is painted gloss black along with his new overdrive transmission.  I picked up a chrome acorn kit and was thinking about running this Edmunds but I changed my mind…  I think I’m going to find a newer style intake, this one is too early for this car.  I really want to run 3 deuces with a offset generator. 

I started to hang the rear passenger side quarter.  This side was hammered up pretty bad and had a lot of brazeing and bondo.  Started adding the round corners to the chop.  This will make the car… that and trimming down the stainless for the window openings. 

On the drivers side I started working on the gaps and rounded the corner of the top of the door.  I’ll do this on the passenger side as well.  I split the quarter and made sure I had a nice 1/8 + gap all along the edge of the door.  The rear quarter turned out mint on this side…

Once I’m done welding up the quarter its headed out for some sand blasting… 

picture-700.jpg picture-860.jpg picture-1070.jpg



August 7th, 2008


Big Mess = Big Succes  as Moriairty would say it…

I welded new lower Quarters on the Ranch… and now started to skim coat to make it super straight- (pictured above)

I’m pretty sure one of my favorite body shop smells is that of Body Filler…  next to kandy paint… 

The Quarters came with the car but they were missing a chunk about 12 inchs long, the back part of the wheel lip, the worst part.  I had to fab them.  I started with new rockers and then finished the rear quarters.   They turned out pretty nice… but I need to finish the job and get some paint on the quarters so this thing can LEAVE the shop. 

I can’t wait.  I’m going to sand blast the inside of the box and paint that as well.  I’ll paint the quarters below the stainless and blend the doors… if the color is too far off I’ll paint the doors and blend the fender.  The color looks pretty close but its not perfect, it has a tint more of yellow to it in the sun.  The color is called Colonial White.  It looks great with the whitewalls and chrome-

Once I’m done with the paint its off to the upholstry shop to get a headliner and some repair work to the seat.  Then… a new gear set.  3.10’s will replace the 4.11’s… and maybe I can actually drive 75 without running 4800RPM haha…

After that- Its done as far as I’m concerned.  Its just a car-truck.  :)

It kinda sucks I have to work on this- but I need to get it out of the way so I can get back to work on my roadster.  Besides it needs to be ready to haul parts… and the roadster. ;)

Here are some pics of the metal work-


100_6993.jpg 100_6995.jpg  picture-1029.jpg picture-1026.jpg

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