Roadster Chassis continued…

October 19th, 2008

Oh… this is looking so RAD.

Ok… so I had to put the engine/trans in here to get a good look at where my pedals are gonna fit.  I have 39 pedals that I can mount that look like they’ll just fit with a mount offset of the X member… should work perfect.  I really really wanted to run the floor pedals.  I’m just not a big fan of hanging pedals… I dunno… just the look of floor pedals I think.

I’m looking for HURST motor mounts for this hemi, if you have some… please email me.

I would love a HURST shifter as well… but I have a mystery T shifter… it has a big T stamped on it… maybe it stands for TUCK?




Roadster Chassis…

October 18th, 2008



I pie cut the X-member…  measured fifty times… and tweaked, ground and adjusted until the X-member looked like it was at home… 

Its RAD.






Roadster Rear Crossmember

October 16th, 2008

One of the steps to making this old frame rule is making it look good.  I decided to use a 37 rear crossmember to cover up the flat crossmember we made in the mad-fab video.  The flat crossmember was UGLY…  So check this out… Its like a slip cover… only I tig welded it all up- and its actually stronger now than EVER.

I first cut the crossmember in three pieces… and notched out the pieces to fit over the flat member and kickup.

I ground it to fit, starting with one side and matching the length to the other… the center I cut in two to open up a little and welded all the pieces together with the tig.  It looks GREAT.  I love the way the frame slants down in the back now.  It gives me more room in the trunk because the corners of the kickup were really close to the deck. 




The pieces cut to fit, the frame relieved…


fit… looking good.



tig welded everything – ill grind and bodywork this frame so it’ll look smooth-


cut the flat crossmember so that it contours with the 37…


The finished product…. I think it looks RAD.  Just needs a little grinding and polish…. and it’ll look its part in candy flake.





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