The coolest shifter in the world.

February 11th, 2009



So… my quest for a shifter has ended…  with the holy grail of hurst[tm]  I think the box art is just as cool as the shifter itself.  This was one of the the first new style Hurst shifters that came out in 1959 and ran to 1962…  It has a barrel style acrylic handle with the numbers 1-2-3 and R in a H pattern in the fluorescent acrylic…  super-rad.  Brand new in the box…

3293287860_e6e2ed8ba6_b.jpg 3293287964_3cb60762b9_b.jpg

How about the Coolest motor mounts….

Hurst NOS conversion aids for my Hemi.


 check this out… 



And then…  a Stash of SP parts…

SP breathers and pedal… 

dsc08152.jpg dsc08150.jpg 102_7486.jpg

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