Kevin Lee and I took a Texas style Road Trip…

July 30th, 2009

I made a mad dash to try and get the Ranch in paint before the trip.  I got close.  Primer was good enough…  I found a single axle car trailer in Kansas, Kev went and picked it up…   I left from Northern Minnesota and Picked up Kevin, the trailer and his coupe and we left for Austin Speed Shop.  The plan was to work on it for a week… and thats what happened…  We have the whole story in a thread on the Jalopy Journal.  Link below…  its a good read… with some great pics! 


Heres the LINK to pics and coverage of the trip…  it was pretty rad:

Heres a clip from Jesse that kinda shows the shop- most of the guys in this vid are my pals that work and live in Austin… Its a great place to visit… but 110 degrees on a average summer day… thats a little hot for my Minnesota blood…

Work’n our ASS off. from Franky Luckman on Vimeo.


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