Roadster Update…

January 18th, 2010



I really haven’t had a chance to work on the Roadster much this winter.  I’ve been really sick ever since the Hunnert Car.  I’m feeling good tonight… and figured I had better update my site.  I did pick up some new parts for the Roadster.  I was lucky enough to score a NOS Schiefer bonded face flywheel!  I also picked up a NOS Hurst conversion kit for the Lasalle transmission to adapt the Hurst Yo-Yo shifter…  had Hurst make custom SLICKS… and more…


Heres a pic of the Hurst conversion kit…  Rad.


Picture of the Flywheel…  Equally Rad.




Pic of the HURST Firestone whitewall pie-crust cheaters…  Bad ASS…  I wanted my slicks to be close to 29″ tall, 6″ wide and 15″ to fit the mags.  They nailed it.  These are 6″ wide!  I had them run a single cheater groove down the middle just like the show rods in the little books…


Got a steering hoop… and had the spring shop make me a reversed eye spring…  Its back up on its wheels again!


Heres a close up of the F-1 box.  I pruned the bracket off the case and sleeved the frame for a flat U-Bolt.  Bolt is recessed so you can’t see the nuts unless the frame is upside down.  Much Cleaner and I get the box out of the way of the starter…


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