Roadster Update #1 post apocalypse…

April 4th, 2012





I wasnt able to save the frame that was in the fire… it was tweaked- and we set it up on the frame rack but the metal was really soft- and I decided to start with a fresh model a frame.   I found the Roadster body on Ebay- and got it for two grand… minus the model a pickup I sold that was in the fire- I think I ended up having about 300 bucks in it out of pocket after I sold some stuff.  Hurst helped me replace the slicks!  I sent them new firestones and they capped them for free.  Cody and his dad RULE- if you ever buy slicks buy them from Cody!  I found a couple buick drums…  a new Hemi to Lasalle adapter.  I cleaned up the old hubs in the blast cabinet.  I found a 59 impala wheel and a set of mags just like the old ET’s I had.

When I was in Texas working at the speed shop I bought some tires for it- the two I sent to Cody the other two are the front runners pictured above.  I located front spindles… a rear 59 old axle… and the only axle that survived the fire was a deuce heavy axle I got from 8-track on the hamb.  I tore the hemi down and lubed it up… actually all the engines that were in the shop were torn down thanks to Adam Brinker for helping me and storing them-  The roadsters hemi is in the garage and I’ll tear into that soon.  The plan is to Hot-tank the block and get it magnafluxed…  Theres more…  but I’ll leave that for another post.






Working 18 hour days… and liking it.

April 3rd, 2012

So I’ve been working at Perry’s in the morning from six am to 2:30 most days… on a 58 Chevy Convertible.  When I’m done at Perrys I head home and work another shift doing art.   I started on this after the fire… and besides the month that I was in Texas have been working on it almost every day during the week.  This 58 was a pretty clean car- patched the doors, inner rear quarters, floors, trunk, above the headlights… all the usual places.  This one was hit in the back and I ended up putting it on the frame rack to pull the rear section out to meet the trunk.  Its felt good to see this car come into paint in the last few weeks.  Didnt get a run… sag… or anything else for that matter- the paint turned out awesome.

Heres some pics that detail the progress—->











Rebuilding everything… one tool, piece, part at a time…

April 2nd, 2012

I’ve been collecting some tools.  The Tig Welder I bought from Jesse when I was in Austin working at the Speed Shop and hauled it back in the Prius!  The Roll-in band saw I picked up from a friend in town for a hundred bucks… and with the help of my girlfriends dad I got it converted to 110 from three phase.  I bought a nice 2 stage compressor, a grinder, wire wheel, Skat Blast Cabinet… a baldor buffer…


Just last week I ordered an Iwata spray gun- LPH400 just like I had before.  I actually had 3 of them… but I’m totally happy with ONE.  :-)

This time around I won’t be buying any cheap Chinese tools.  I’m buying as much old, industrial… made in the USA tools I can find.  I found the one horse Balder grinder below for $50!  What can you buy for fifty bucks anymore???   The deals are out there… and I’m gonna find em.  If you have any leads on any tools email me-  !!  Thanks-


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