Working 18 hour days… and liking it.

April 3rd, 2012

So I’ve been working at Perry’s in the morning from six am to 2:30 most days… on a 58 Chevy Convertible.  When I’m done at Perrys I head home and work another shift doing art.   I started on this after the fire… and besides the month that I was in Texas have been working on it almost every day during the week.  This 58 was a pretty clean car- patched the doors, inner rear quarters, floors, trunk, above the headlights… all the usual places.  This one was hit in the back and I ended up putting it on the frame rack to pull the rear section out to meet the trunk.  Its felt good to see this car come into paint in the last few weeks.  Didnt get a run… sag… or anything else for that matter- the paint turned out awesome.

Heres some pics that detail the progress—->











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