A long overdue update… #1

August 9th, 2012

I’m not really sure where to start…

I’m still working at Perrys in the morning and at home at night-  At Perrys I’ve been working on the 32 Vicky…  we had a few set backs and its finally nearing the end of this whole painting process.  Fiberglass cars are tricky… everything is backwards from a steel car…  you build up to the high spot instead of kocking the high spots down.  Then… there are pocks and pin holes… shrinkage… general lumps and bumps.  I would relate it to straightening a sack of potatoes…

The fenders are done—–>  I shot them with my new Iwata gun and finally got to dial it in.  There is a tiny coat of dust on them in this pic but you get the idea…

Well… now the body is done too…  check out the Video ——>


If anyone reading this is interested in getting work done here call us or email me- tuck@jalopyjournal.com





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