From a Galaxie… Far Far away…

April 10th, 2007


So sooner or later I’ll ad the story of the Galaxie…  I named Darling Nikki.  This car has been a total LOVE/HATE story from the start.

I just wanted to post on some wheels…  The wheels I have on the car are NOS chrome reverse from the sixties with wide whites…   The only thing that bugs me is that the wide whites are’nt so traditional…  It needs a nice pair of skinny white wall bias-  But I really dig the chrome wheels on a black car.

What I came across is a full set of 1965 FENTON’s.


Fenton made some cool looking wheels, aluminum centers and chrome outers, a lot like Rader’s that were sold at the same time.  These are 15×5.5 which is a pretty hard size to find in nice shape in any sixties wheel.  14’s were really popular during this era-

SO…  I need to get these Fenton’s cleaned up, buffed out, centers repainted and mounted up with some nice skinny white wall bias- and we’ll see how they look on the galaxie.

Here they are:


-a little before’n after…


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